10 day challenge for beginner-to-prolific writers!

More or less, we like to write our feelings away with each symbolic word that is pressed into the paper or an electronic document. Say, I like to take the time to write down my thoughts while it is peace and quiet in my surrounding. At times, there are more emotions then words and other times, the inextricable number of sentences typed per minute just does not do my current emotions any justice. I need a game plan. How can I become in touch with my spiritual writer? I decided that I will partake in a 10 day challenge as a way to overcome my “fear” of putting my thoughts into words as this makes me feel very vulnerable; after reading what I had wrote.

With that said, I choose to move on and try new things. I WILL achieve the 10 ten writing challenge. In some posts, I will even incorporate pictures regarding the theme of the post. Let’s see how extensive this process will be as I take photos, edit them and present them along with a revised blog post. I hope I won’t be too down if these posts are making you yawn when you read them. I’ll make them as interesting as possible! I hope you will join in and tag your post with ‘myserendipity.co’ AND ’10daychallenge’ so we can share feedback with one another.

No passion…just yet.

Hi Everyone,

Reflections are vital. We cannot live sufficient lives without thinking about our actions, behaviors and emotions in the past moments we have endured. Funny but true – we learn to be our best selves by picking up on the embarrassing, funny, heartwarming, heartbroken and distressing moments that were not expected nor planned to be worthy of remembering as it did. I’ve been doing some self-contemplation about my life, all 22 years (as much of it as I could remember). Finding the time, courage and confidence to leave words of wisdom behind will allow me to find my passion through daily doings and decisions that lead me to where I need to be.

Looking back, I realized that I never had a stable interest in anything. I’ve never had a true passion in a hobby or a career because everything that had been placed in front of me was often of immediate deliverance. I never had to ask for anything I wanted, even if I did desire for it, most of it were given to me. They say, “easy come, easy go” I say, I believe that gratefulness is necessary for every blessing we didn’t seek for. Just always remember to be humble in all that we do. To be honest, I truly did not cherish these “givings.”They were readily available to me, my dad drove 1.5 hours to drop me off at my private piano teacher’s house for practice. This continued on 5 years until I decided to drop out after my last exam. I never skipped a day of dance class until I had a 106 degree fever that forced me to drop out of the annual performance which led me to leave dance class all together. I remember despising my teachers for letting me go because I couldn’t be with my friends anymore. That feeling quickly faded. I never bothered to pick up the tennis rackets if my mother didn’t initiate that I remove my body from sitting in a chair, huddled in front of the screen; I didn’t want to go outside yet alone play tennis. To this day, the tennis balls are still brand new and not a single one is lost. Go figure. I even tried to play handball… that trend faded after middle school so there wasn’t any avaliable company that I could tag along with. Besides, my hands hurt after playing. And then there was swimming, I am too scared to stick my head in the water. So that’s a no until I relieve myself from my internal fear of water.

There’s a tiny amount of happiness if I do find myself to grow attach to something. This usually does occur in the beginning stage where I am extremely happy to have a new experience. As all “good things come to an end,” the freshness of the activity and the excitement that I feel often fades extremely fast. Simply, I just have too little patience and not enough perseverance. When will I realize what my calling in life is if I don’t start to try new activities that can expand my horizon? I guess I’ll sign up for a class or two this week. It doesn’t hurt to learn new skills that will enhance my professional life in the future.

I always wind up deleting the blog posts that I take the most time to write. The ones that require a lot of effort and thinking to compose a decent piece of writing so others can read it and know I’m not dead, that I have feelings and emotions. It’s so exhausting- tiring because I have a stack of pdfs to finish reading. It doesn’t make me any more well-learned or more knowledgeable in the utmost simplistic styles of communication. I don’t know why this article was assigned or for what purpose, but the content does match to the key concepts in the other articles for my two other classes. Highlighter, check. Paperback course packet, check. Bottle of Evian water, check. (The 1 L kind, you know, the one that you drink because you buy into the belief that you need to keep drinking water, not to only hydrate yourself but to keep yourself alive in the midst of reading for a profession that you might not even have)… what career field is that? I can’t even think about that. I’m in the zone of applying to all the places that have some level of communication with the outside world. Sounds just like almost every place you know? Except they don’t want me. So guess what? I’m going to start my own business. My own virtual space to make money and send it back to pay back my education aka student loans. I might delete this post later for the sake of not stepping up my A-game writing it. These are the thoughts inside my head. I ramble on and on because I don’t want to complain to another person about these problems that I shouldn’t be having. Noone can tell me to not have these issues but I can’t fully understand the implications of not working and making money. I’m not happy but most of what i have is paid for already. I’m just not happy because I’m not being fully utilized. I want to make a contribution to society. I’ve been asking these large companies to provide me with a opportunity, why not just work on creating these opportunities, myself?!?! I will find out what I want to do on the internet… besides blog and scare people away from reading the longest post they’ll encounter in the day. No facts, semi-solid knowledge about life, and just a graduate student whining about my current circumstances while the rest of the world is suffering, starving and willing to sacrifice their all to have a quarter of what I have.

I deserve what I have. But I want to use my resources and what I know, to make a real contribution to someone else’s life. How. Do. I. Get. Started. I need answers.

Dear Future Daughter,

No one will make you feel stronger or weaker than yourself. You are more than the shade of lipstick that you wear, the mascara that you put on, the outfits that you’ve saved to wear on special occasions, the color of your nail polish. You are the original gift that God has brought into this world; you are the curve of your smile and the magic vibrations that you send to each person you meet in this world. Love, no one can steal your thunder. You are confident and bright – you are strong in your own skin and your mind speaks louder than your words when you’re experiencing hard times.


Dear Future Daughter,

I forgive you for being impatient with me when you are frustrated with yourself. You are an absolute kind and precious soul who does not have the means to hurt anyone. Please do not hurt yourself or any one else with words that are like knives. Just let me take a look into your eyes. Ah, just as I remember them. There is a sparkle in your eyes when you’re speaking the purest truth while you cry. This reminds me when you were younger and you would cry about baby animals without their mothers. I’d comfort you. Though I knew that I would not always be here for you to lean on me during your vulnerable times.

You will grow to be strong young woman. Just remember, I will always be your backbone while you feel weak and broken.

As of now, I only want to be here for you through thick and thin. Through bad times and the times worth celebrating. I will take one step back for the sake of your ego.