Dear Future Daughter,

I forgive you for being impatient with me when you are frustrated with yourself. You are an absolute kind and precious soul who does not have the means to hurt anyone. Please do not hurt yourself or any one else with words that are like knives. Just let me take a look into your eyes. Ah, just as I remember them. There is a sparkle in your eyes when you’re speaking the purest truth while you cry. This reminds me when you were younger and you would cry about baby animals without their mothers. I’d comfort you. Though I knew that I would not always be here for you to lean on me during your vulnerable times.

You will grow to be strong young woman. Just remember, I will always be your backbone while you feel weak and broken.

As of now, I only want to be here for you through thick and thin. Through bad times and the times worth celebrating. I will take one step back for the sake of your ego.

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