10 day challenge for beginner-to-prolific writers!

More or less, we like to write our feelings away with each symbolic word that is pressed into the paper or an electronic document. Say, I like to take the time to write down my thoughts while it is peace and quiet in my surrounding. At times, there are more emotions then words and other times, the inextricable number of sentences typed per minute just does not do my current emotions any justice. I need a game plan. How can I become in touch with my spiritual writer? I decided that I will partake in a 10 day challenge as a way to overcome my “fear” of putting my thoughts into words as this makes me feel very vulnerable; after reading what I had wrote.

With that said, I choose to move on and try new things. I WILL achieve the 10 ten writing challenge. In some posts, I will even incorporate pictures regarding the theme of the post. Let’s see how extensive this process will be as I take photos, edit them and present them along with a revised blog post. I hope I won’t be too down if these posts are making you yawn when you read them. I’ll make them as interesting as possible! I hope you will join in and tag your post with ‘myserendipity.co’ AND ’10daychallenge’ so we can share feedback with one another.

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