Dear future daughter

You can daydream about a boy or a man during the most peaceful moments of your life: while brushing your teeth, washing your face, washing dishes, cooking, ironing or even while you’re sitting on the train to go home; he has taken over your memory because you’ve given a piece of yourself to him. Not literally yet may be because you’ve decided to give a piece of your most wonderful persona to him. You’ve showed him how to take care of a beautiful being or just kissed him and let him explore you – inside and out. The power of your daydreams are not based off your boredom or unwillingness to try again with someone else, but because you put in time and effort. And he may have overlooked your efforts by not responding to you in the way you expect him to.

Let me tell you this, do not think twice about being happy in the midst of your daydreams. You deserve to be happy. You deserve love and happiness in all the ways that he may not be able to give you. You should continue to treasure yourself even more, consistently push yourself to try new things. Love yourself. First. Always love yourself before you love someone else. You will see the great blessings that will come your way.

Dear future daughter,

You don’t need to feel, ever feel, less compared to the person next to you. you are beautiful in your own unique ways. Embrace your individuality because there is no one else on this planet that is quite like you. When you start to accept yourself the way you look, behave and treat others the way you treat yourself; with love, you will realize how much you have to offer this world. 

Dear Future Daughter,

Tell me how you feel about the boy you sit next to in class. I do care and I want you to be happy – not with him, but with yourself. Tell me why you think that boy is the most popular kid in school. Just remember, you are a confident girl. Don’t be a fool and let him play games with you, you’re too smart and beautiful for boy to tug at your heart strings. I want to share a story with you when I thought I was in love. No, not a story but multiple stories about my life thus far. 

If you don’t want to read this any more, just know that I am blessed with so much in life. My biggest blessing was you. I will not let you forget that. You mean the absolute world to me and I can’t imagine not sharing my life experiences with you. You can’t visualize yourself in these situations because you are you and not me. I make too many mistakes because that is how I learn but for you, I want you to make your own mistakes; different mistakes than I did as you are my daughter, my blood and part of a soul. Promise me you will not let a boy, alas a man, stop you from achieving your goals. Your life is too precious. Utilize your time here on this planet, very wisely. Hence, I want to be your first teacher and everlasting cheerleader. 



Presenting to my fellow bloggies: a gorgeous plate of Angel hair pasta with black pepper and seasoned salt, some roasted tomatoes and butter mushrooms as well as some pan-fried eggpants with eggwhites – all topped with a hint of parsley.

This recipe is a mixture of easy and simple steps that were on food blog listed in google’s search under the keywords: “easy simple panfried eggplant recipes” and boom, there it was. The tomatoes are always the trickiest vegetables to cook because of how thick and watery the slices were. I put them back in again after I slightly fried the mushrooms in coconut oil. Also, the noodles were definitely al dente to the teeth while it lacked a bit of flavor. I’m seeking for some suggestions on flavoring the noodles. (Please, no butter or heavy cream or anything dairy heavy). I did incorporate a bit of milk when I grated the cheese on top of the pasta. A dash of salt, a pinch of lemon pepper and some onion powder- the entire plate was an overall delicious carb-tastic lunch.

I want to make another dish consisting of angel hair pasta and bok choy. Maybe, look at some Korean recipes. Hey, I have spicy bean paste in my fridge. Might as well put that to good use!

E-mail me at for inquiries or recipes that you love to cook/share with me! I’m always delighted to get feedback or answer any questions about food/ideas/thoughts/life.



overdue post

It is the month of warm summer breeze and a lot of liquid intakes throughout hot days in July. I can say that I am one happy girl to be amongst the millions of young people who actually made some decent money this summer, so far. I can’t imagine not holding down a single job while exposed to the temptations of delicious food, fun festivities and materialistic goods in every corner of the streets in NYC. I made some money and spent it on a plane ticket to Hawai’i (did you know Hawaii is pronounced: haa-wai-eee? emphasize on the last ‘e’) and had a jolly old time doing the tourist-y activities like a cheap teenager. I didn’t plan that trip- impromptu mini-vacation for one. I visited the beautiful island of Oahu. I loved the chill atmosphere of a summer paradise! (Photos to come later…). Since early May, I reckoned this summer would call for some good and bad decisions. I will share them in another post (so many posts to write, so little time). The number of people versus the different experiences that I’ve had are not to be replaced by the amount of money spent on these opportunities. From these lessons and people, I learned quite a lot about myself. I’m still learning to pick out the rotten fruits from the good fruits – nuisances versus inspirations. Thank God, I don’t have the rebel mentality of a 17 year old anymore or else I just might have a cast on from riding a Harley-Davidson while on vacay. It’s good to know that I make choices that are safe* and not drastic for a 21 year old.

*safe = not injured physically yet may have mental or emotional scarring that takes time to heal and process.


busy bee on her period

I don’t know what I want to do right now besides go on a vacation, eat, sleep some more, have sex, talk to a genuine person, not be anxious, live a bit more and worry less, make good decisions, eat healthy, choose what to eat for dinner, work out, stop eating, put on a bra, walk around the house, go on a run, wear my heels out, eat some Chinese food, order pizza, eat a container of Ben & Jerry’s phish food / peanut butter / red velvet / brownie ice cream.

There’s a lot that I could do but I’m not doing any of these things. Instead, I choose to go on Youtube and stream Buzzfeed videos that validate my feelings on being on my period. I need a boyfriend to come over and let me cuddle with him, wear his hoodies and let him spoon me while we sleep. All I have is a pile of clean clothes sitting in front of my legs because I refused to budge and fold, tuck and place them away.

I think I’m calling for pizza and I’m getting fries with pizza. I can’t walk at all tonight. I’m so freaking tired of living and breathing as a young woman with no related work experience to my college major/s. Literally, it hurts my brain to even think about what my life would be like if I was 30 and on my period without a job to pay for all of my fucking first world expenses. Shit would be poppin if I held down a job, paid taxes, did all of my work, didn’t forget to feed myself, treated myself to expen$ive stuff that I adore, donated money, worked out, ate healthy ANDDDD volunteered during “free” time- all this if as a woman who could possibly be on her period. We women are superb super humans. Feminism is so vital to our survival, self-esteem and our self-awareness of this tough life that we live in. Omfg now I can write a essay that will consists of me ranting. How about I stop right here and order my food, start writing my outline for my Law & Society paper and then draft up a speech while waiting for my food to get here. Ok sounds good.

12a.m… sparks my brainpower

From one distraction to the next, there is always some kind of distraction that stops me from accomplishing certain tasks. Ugh, it’s quite stressful when I don’t check off the boxes on my agenda list. It’s upsetting to lose the initial “spark” that comes with setting goals in the first place; I should just install a filter to block sites that are distracting (ie. YouTube) and avoid other means of accessing convenient modes of procrastination (ie. my phone). Annnnd, with all that said, I still have to finish reading this chapter on gender constructs in social institutions. It’ll be great to be check off all the boxes on my agenda for once, in one night.

~ ~ ~

It’s great to reserve a small amount of time to yourself but I think it’s more rewarding to reserve a portion of the nighttime to research, create, and absorb the information that can be useful to stimulate one’s mind. Information is not a lost source- once it’s obtained, it’s left to wither and dissipated because it’s not used. Rather, we use information that we have learned over the course of learning because it’s ours. It’s ours to keep, use, alternate, adjust, inform and educate others. I like to read and write during the peaks of the night because it sets the tone for the next morning; I should be just as productive as I was the “night” before (technically, it’s the morning without the sunshine). I wrote this entire post as a gesture of productivity since I’m still putting off this reading summary. Nah, I’m going back to it now 🙂