Dear Future Daughter,

No one will make you feel stronger or weaker than yourself. You are more than the shade of lipstick that you wear, the mascara that you put on, the outfits that you’ve saved to wear on special occasions, the color of your nail polish. You are the original gift that God has brought into this world; you are the curve of your smile and the magic vibrations that you send to each person you meet in this world. Love, no one can steal your thunder. You are confident and bright – you are strong in your own skin and your mind speaks louder than your words when you’re experiencing hard times.


Dear Future Daughter,

I forgive you for being impatient with me when you are frustrated with yourself. You are an absolute kind and precious soul who does not have the means to hurt anyone. Please do not hurt yourself or any one else with words that are like knives. Just let me take a look into your eyes. Ah, just as I remember them. There is a sparkle in your eyes when you’re speaking the purest truth while you cry. This reminds me when you were younger and you would cry about baby animals without their mothers. I’d comfort you. Though I knew that I would not always be here for you to lean on me during your vulnerable times.

You will grow to be strong young woman. Just remember, I will always be your backbone while you feel weak and broken.

As of now, I only want to be here for you through thick and thin. Through bad times and the times worth celebrating. I will take one step back for the sake of your ego.

Dear future daughter

You can daydream about a boy or a man during the most peaceful moments of your life: while brushing your teeth, washing your face, washing dishes, cooking, ironing or even while you’re sitting on the train to go home; he has taken over your memory because you’ve given a piece of yourself to him. Not literally yet may be because you’ve decided to give a piece of your most wonderful persona to him. You’ve showed him how to take care of a beautiful being or just kissed him and let him explore you – inside and out. The power of your daydreams are not based off your boredom or unwillingness to try again with someone else, but because you put in time and effort. And he may have overlooked your efforts by not responding to you in the way you expect him to.

Let me tell you this, do not think twice about being happy in the midst of your daydreams. You deserve to be happy. You deserve love and happiness in all the ways that he may not be able to give you. You should continue to treasure yourself even more, consistently push yourself to try new things. Love yourself. First. Always love yourself before you love someone else. You will see the great blessings that will come your way.

Dear future daughter,

You don’t need to feel, ever feel, less compared to the person next to you. you are beautiful in your own unique ways. Embrace your individuality because there is no one else on this planet that is quite like you. When you start to accept yourself the way you look, behave and treat others the way you treat yourself; with love, you will realize how much you have to offer this world. 

Dear Future Daughter,

Tell me how you feel about the boy you sit next to in class. I do care and I want you to be happy – not with him, but with yourself. Tell me why you think that boy is the most popular kid in school. Just remember, you are a confident girl. Don’t be a fool and let him play games with you, you’re too smart and beautiful for boy to tug at your heart strings. I want to share a story with you when I thought I was in love. No, not a story but multiple stories about my life thus far. 

If you don’t want to read this any more, just know that I am blessed with so much in life. My biggest blessing was you. I will not let you forget that. You mean the absolute world to me and I can’t imagine not sharing my life experiences with you. You can’t visualize yourself in these situations because you are you and not me. I make too many mistakes because that is how I learn but for you, I want you to make your own mistakes; different mistakes than I did as you are my daughter, my blood and part of a soul. Promise me you will not let a boy, alas a man, stop you from achieving your goals. Your life is too precious. Utilize your time here on this planet, very wisely. Hence, I want to be your first teacher and everlasting cheerleader.